1. Are you a manufacturer or trading company?

We are a manufacturer with an integrated trading company that mainly specialized in R&D and manufacturing high-quality e-bikes and e-scooters.

2. Do you have overseas warehouses?

We have 3 U.S. warehouses now,and in the near future,we will open European warehouses to bring convenience and better service to more customers in more areas.

3. What is the minimum quantity of a custom order?

50 pcs. We offer a range of configuration alterations including the logo, frame, motor, handlebar, brake, and more.

4. How can you ensure the quality of bikes?

We have a complete QC system. Firstly, we test all the components purchased before use; secondly, we have quality control during every step in the production process; last but not least, we’ll check all the performance features of our products after they are fully assembled, including road testing before packing.

5. Can I visit your factory or warehouses?

We welcome all dealers to visit our factory and warehouses, excellent quality needs to be seen and known by more people.Please feel free to contact us to make an appointment.

6. How long does it take to process my order?

It depends on the quantity of your order and the requirements of the models. Generally speaking, in-stock orders can be completed in 9 days at the fastest. For customized orders, the lead time may be longer.

7. What is your payment term?

Usually will be T/T, Paypal, also welcome Alibaba trade assurance order.

8. What value-added services will you provide online distributors with?

First of all, we could provide you with a wide range of marketing materials to show the advantages of our products. Secondly, we can help you set up and optimize the sales website and make store branding posters. Also, we could help you place advertisements and attract potential customers. Zhengbu hopes to establish deep cooperation with all of our distributors.